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Richard Perez

31 Mar

Richard Perez is a designer and illustrator based in San Francisco, CA. If I recall correctly, I stumbled on his flickr site while looking for some inspiration one day. After spending over an hour looking through his work, I realized that I was extremely inspired and that I suck at design and illustration (joke…I’m awesome. another joke…JOKE SANDWICH!). Homeboy has over 500 pieces of original design and illustration in his photostream. Then, there is his dribbble page with even more work samples. All of Richard’s pieces are strong, seem to have some sort of back story,  and, in turn, have tons of depth (and maybe a personal memory attached to them, too).

Most of his work has a certain vintage feel to it, which I really enjoy. The textures and color choices are wonderful and help with achieving that look and style. Richard also seems to have a fondness for geometric shapes. It’s amazing how awesome something can look even though it’s made from circles and squares.

Although his Skinny Ships site is “at the laundromat right now getting all cleaned up,” he updates his previously mentioned flicker and dribbble pages pretty regularly. Richard also started a tumblr page to showcase his and other creative peoples’ illustrations of their cats. He calls it meowoodle. Very clever.

Oh, Richard…my cat Sam (a.k.a. Samboni) says hi to Buffins & Tibbles. *kittah wave

Darren Booth

30 Mar

Darren Booth is an illustrator and typographer based in Ontario, Canada. His unique style incorporates hand lettering, illustration, collage, and painting. Seeing that his work is so unusual (in a good way), he is able to freelance full time and work with some really big-time clients like AOL, Coca-Cola, ESPN, Herman Miller, The New York Times, Sony Music, and Target. Some of his latest work, hand lettering for country legend Willie Nelson’s newest album Here We Go Again, features great subdued colors and a individuality that you don’t see every day.

I also love the fact that he shares his work space on his website. I think you can tell a lot about a person based on their work space. In Darren’s case, it appears that he just cleaned his office, took a few photos, and acts like he keeps his studio very tidy. LIES!

Great stuff, Darren. Keep it up!

Tim Boelaars

29 Mar

Tim Boelaars is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. His work includes extremely clean and clever marks and great illustrations. He may or may not wear clogs while designing, but it’s cool either way if he keeps cranking out solid design work. See more of his work on Dribbble.

(via Young Jerks)

Richard Arthur Stewart

28 Mar

Richard Arthur Stewart is a Boston, MA-based art director, graphic designer, and illustrator. He seems to have a thing for making new things look old, which I’m a big fan of. The vintage or slightly used feel on most of his pieces gives them tons of character. The attention to detail on all of them is amazing.

Richard’s self promo is super smart; non-traditional is a serious understatement. All items were made to look like evidence taken from a crime scene. He made a foam brick with an attached tag that was customized (ransom-note style) to the recipient, cover letter, resume, and business card came in the form of a fake (but quite realistic-looking) police report. “All the collateral was also personalized to the recipient, using their name, profession, location etc. as if a report had been filed with all their information.” Richard also included his portfolio via a USB flash drive which was taped to the back of the tag (which was attached with twine to the foam brick). He attributes this very unique piece to getting his foot in the door after graduating. It looks like it paid off. It looks like he’s been working in the design field (at least doing freelance) for about four years now. Someone hire this guy!

More of Richard’s work on flickr or dribbble.

(via Erica Gleiner)

Dan Blackman

25 Mar

Dan Blackman is a Philadelphia, PA-based art director, graphic designer, and illustrator with a bunch of super-clean work. He’s done work for some big-time clients like Nike, Caterpillar, and MTV. He also has worked with a few colleges, too, which is what I am currently doing at Virginia Tech. OMGBFF…J.K. Loling.

Dan also runs The Matchbook Registry , which highlights his (along with his mother and grandfather’s) collection of vintage matchbooks, showcasing “their design, typography and mystery attached to each one.”

Nancy McCabe

24 Mar

Nancy McCabe is a Minneapolis-based graphic designer, art director, and photographer. Her work is sometimes super clean with great typography and other times showcases her painting abilities. The stand-out piece for me is her Typographic World map. The blind embossed latitude and longitude lines is absolutely brilliant. The maps were available in limited edition as black-and-white prints ($150) and watercolors ($175), but I believe they are sold out. Down low, too slow.

(via Cranky Pressman)

Kendrick Kidd

23 Mar

Kendrick Kidd, also known as Grease E. Monkey, is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Jacksonville, Florida. He has created a bunch of great work, including illustration-heavy packaging for Bold City Brewery and the business cards for his own (with his partner Tron B. Burgundy) side project, Halftone Def Studios. Their flickr set got me really missing screen printing and drinking Yuengling in my garage. *sigh

Stranger & Stranger

21 Mar

Stranger & Stranger are a New York- and London-based “packaging design and branding company specializing in alcoholic drinks.” They have some amazing clients and create spectacular pieces for them. The stand out piece for me is their Christmas No. 12 Absinthe, that I assume was a self-promotion. The embossing, gold foil, and the detail that went into that bottle, label, and container is really impressive. This bottle (and I’m sure the alcohol inside, too) has been so well received, they have decided to sell a short production run.

(via Cranky Pressman)


18 Mar

I saw the above image on a colleague’s facebook page and wondered how my chart would differ? Although I am concerned with getting good grades (taking one class per semester, going towards a BFA), I also have a 9-to-5 job,  a family (2.5 year-old son & pregnant wife), and a side business (shedpress). It’s safe to say that I have plenty to keep me busy, but sometimes I wonder how I fit it all in. The lack of sleep and stress has been killing me lately and I feel I need to make a few changes in my life to accommodate my sanity.

Until I make those changes, here are a few things I use to (try t0) keep my professional and personal life balanced:

  1. Lists – I always use lists for day-to-day or weekly tasks, at work and at home. I revisit the lists at the beginning, middle, and end of the day.
  2. Minimizing distractions – twitter, facebook, google reader, gchat, etc.
  3. Staying organized – if my files (digital or physical), books, magazines, proofs, and any other items get messy, I can’t focus on the task at hand
  4. Google Calendar – I usually set 5 reminders on each event so I don’t forget what’s coming up. It may be excessive, but I rarely miss an appointment or meeting.

What and how do you balance?