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Grain and Gram

29 Apr

Grain and Gram: the New Gentleman’s Journal, is a website that features true craftsman. The layout of this site is very mathematical. Clean, crispy, full of wonderful illustrations/graphs, white space, and nice typography. The videos and photos are absolutely beautiful. While watching the video of Nick Sambrato, a letterpress printer from Orlando, FL, I kept looking behind me because it felt like I was secretly looking at something I shouldn’t have been. It’s like craftsman porn. My favorite thing about this site is that through these profiles, you can tell these guys truly love what they do, and that means a lot.

I can’t wait to see more from Grain and Gram.

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Seth Patrick

28 Apr

Seth Patrick is a Durham, NC-based illustrator, graphic designer, and art director with a texture fetish. He has a thing for pop culture, the 80s, and sports, all sprinkled with some texture. Delicious, vintage-looking texture. Ohhhh, so good. Other subjects that Seth has illustrated include a beer-bonging greek god, Superman’s villain holding a Hokie star, and the Grizwold’s awesome green wagon. Not only is the subject matter great, but the details are oh-so wonderful. The leash on the Grizwold’s wagon and the Michael Scott’s foot on the George Foreman grill are genius.

Lovely work, Seth! Thanks for connecting with me on Facebook (via a mutual friend, thanks Laura!). I hope we can work together in the future.

Jeff Rogers

27 Apr

Jeff Rogers is a New York City-based graphic designer, art director, and illustrator who has been working as a designer at SpotCo creating key art for broadway shows since 2008. He also does a fair amount of freelance design and illustration. Jeff’s style is definitely hand-crafted, which is a little messy, but absolutely beautiful. Continuing with his hand-drawn techniques, he also seems to use a lot of typography and illustration in his work, too. It may be the colors he chooses, but it seems to have a vintage, 50s feel to it.

Really nice, original work, Jeff! Thanks for the inspiration.

Brandon Rike

26 Apr

Brandon Rike is a Columbus, OH-based graphic designer who appears to be a dude who would beat you up just because he can. That might be the case, but he has designed tons for t-shirt designs for music-industry tough guys like the Backstreet Boys, Big Time Rush, and Adam Lambert. Brandon’s also done work for Billy Idol, Deftones, Motley Crue, Nirvana, Blink-182, Taking Back Sunday, Led Zeppelin, Rage Against the Machine, and Billy Joel just to name a few more.

Brandon launched his new promotional website a few months ago, and I have to say, it looks killer. He’s been a one-man design show since 2006, and has been building a rather impressive client list since then. No wonder these bands (and their managers/marketing people) keep coming back for more. The dude does solid work 100% of the time.

If I tell you that you do great work, will you promise not to beat me up? Good stuff, Brandon! 🙂

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Eric Smith

25 Apr

Eric Smith is a Washington state-based graphic designer, illustrator, art director, author, husband and father. Not too many professional designers will list husband and father in their main “titles,” but Eric isn’t your average designer. His hand-drawn style is refreshing amongst the mass-produced mounds of computer-created design out there. Through his Idrawallday moniker, he has worked with such clients as Element Skateboards, HOW Magazine, and Myspace.

Eric is also the founder and creative director of The Live Now Project, which is “a growing collection of friends, powerfully pursuing the notion of ‘living now’.” They have recently published an inspirational art book and operate a vibrant online community full of talented people.

Exceptionally-positive work, Eric!

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Jillian Tamaki

22 Apr

 Jillian Tamaki is a Brooklyn, NY-based illustrator and comics artist, who also teaches at the School of Visual Arts. Her style is a wonderful mixture of traditional and modern touches that is a pleasure to look at.

Jillian posted a fantastic project for Penguin Books about a month ago on her blog. These three hand-embroidered book covers took her two months to complete and are extremely detailed and truly beautiful. The final printed covers will be sculptural-embossed, a production value that will emphasize the stitches, and have full wraparound images with french flaps. They will be available for sale in October, 2011.

See more of Jillian’s wonderful work on her sketchblog or read her webcomic, SuperMutant Magic Academy.

Extraordinary stuff, Jillian!

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Ben Barry

21 Apr

Ben Barry is a Silicon Valley-based communication designer, illustrator, printer, and thinker for some company called Facebook, where he “focuses on developing Facebook’s online presence, voice and brand.”

He previously worked at Austin, TX-based screen print superstar shop Decoder Ring, where Ben perfected his craft with a range of clients, doing packaging, merchandising and a lot of screen-printed posters. Ben also graduated from the experimental design education program, Project M, where he explored the role graphic designers can play in encouraging social change.

He recently work with Everett Katigbak on the f8 conference badges that got a lot of attention about a month ago on the internets. Simple and effective, but also has lots of little details that make these the most user-friendly badges I’ve seen.

Simple, but great stuff, Ben. Thanks for the inspiration!

nice and free typefaces

20 Apr

Type rules everything around me, TREAM. Get the serif…ehh, nevermind.

Some typefaces are really nice, but expensive. Then, there are ones that are free but are meh. But sometimes you have the illusive ” nice AND free” typeface. Here are some I’ve discovered lately:

Condensed Milk by Chank Co.

Broken Dreams by Chank Co.

Muncie by the Lost Type Co-op

A collection of really nice, opentype typefaces from the League of Moveable Type

25 high-quality typefaces from Smashing Magazine

Revival typeface set from Igino Marini

Hannes Beer

19 Apr

Hannes Beer not only has an awesome name and is from the place where incredible machines are made (Stuttgart, Germany), he is an incredible design machine churning out some really nice illustration and design work. Judging from his website, he does a lot of work for bands (metal/harecore/screamo bands?). Another thing that I found very interesting about Hannes is that he has a daily design project, which is quite different in style than what he does for his metal band clientele. And not in a bad way at all. An added bonus to his daily designs? Skull Mondays!

18 Apr

If you haven’t seen/heard of before, consider this your introduction. was started and run by graphic designer Blake Allen and web designer/developer Josh Sullivan, both based in Nashville, TN.

Here’s how they explain what this is all about:

Mixes created and designed, by designers. Designers.MX is about discovering new music. Music that drives our favorite designers, and allowing them to create a unique cover design for each of their individual playlists. A daily music and design masterpiece.

So each chosen designer picks ten songs, and designs album art for that mix. I have been listening and admiring these mixes and pieces of design since I found out about the site. A fantastic idea that keeps growing. Plus, if indie rock isn’t your thing, there are other types of music represented…but there is plenty of indie rock, from what I’ve listen to so far. I’m excited to watch this site and community grow. Music and design are two peas in a pod, which has been laid out over a 3/6 grid, using a sans serif typeface and utilizing white space.