Jon Ashcroft

4 Apr

Jon Ashcroft is a Phoenix, AZ-based creative director, illustrator, and self-proclaimed “rablerouser.” His illustration work boasts of having abundant textures and boat-loads of personality. Jon has also worked for Fender Musical Instruments, which to me, has to be one of the cooler in-house places to work. Judging from the work he did while he work at Fender, my assumption might be right.

Jon is the creative Director and co-founder of the Fight for Feuille Foundation, which is a funding agency helping Robert Feuille (a 27-year old father,husband,copywriter, and photographer who’s going through a fight with testicular cancer) and his family by raising money, awareness, and support during this very tough time.

Jon is also the creative director of Arizona-based Redemption Church, which is an actual church, not a name for a design collective. It’s pretty cool to see a church website that is very well-designed (eh hem), and  has a creative director on staff. He also says he has “a purpose in life,” which is pretty cool to be able to say with such conviction.

See more of Jon’s work on Flickr and Dribbble.


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