Simon Walker

11 Apr

Simon Walker is an Austin, TX-based graphic designer, illustrator, typographer, and general practitioner of badassery (it’s a word, trust me). He’s been working with GSD&M since 2002, but does tons of fantastic freelance work as well. Simon recently wrote an article for Method & Craft where he shares his techniques of making sweet hand-designed type and how he makes new type look old and worn. In the article, he says he’ll share his go-to textures with you if you shoot him an email. Sure enough, he came through on his promise after I sent him a message. Not that I doubted his word, but that was a really nice thing to do. It makes me smile and proud to be a part of this great design community.

As you can see (from the above samples), Simon’s designs look great in shades of gray and brown. He also can choose some really sweet color combos, too, as you can see on his dribbble and flickr pages.

High five to a super nice, super furry guy. Keep it up, Simon!

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