One Day for Design

13 Apr

One Day for Design 2011, “an open, global dialogue on the meaning and future of design, and on the meaning and future of professional design associations.”

Sponsored by AIGA, this event will bring designers and design followers together with leading minds in our profession, over one 24-hour period. “With your collaboration, we expect to better understand our role and explore ways to better serve the needs of the design community.”

“Join us and invite your colleagues, friends and followers. You’ll be collaborating in real time with others in the design field, including well-known moderators who will contribute their own perspectives, ask provocative questions and keep the conversation flowing. So exchange ideas. Challenge conventional thinking. Push boundaries. One Day For Design is your moment to participate in design’s future, so dive in now.”

Add to or just follow the conversation on Twitter at #1D4D or @onedayfordesign.

I think this is a cool concept, but I agree with another person who asked ‘how is this different from any other day for us designers?’ I think it’s our duty as designers to keep pushing forward. I could see their website being a very good resource though, especially if they are able to keep adding ideas/thoughts to it.

(via Under Consideration)


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