Design is Everything is Design

14 Apr

In November of 2010, Josh Higgins started a project with his mentor and teacher Doyald Young, which was to be a gift from the both of them to a mutual friend. Sadly, Doyald passed away before this project was completed. Josh contacted Jessica Hische to see if she would create a beautiful design using the phrase “Design is Everything is Design.” Luckily, she did, then had it letterpressed on 15 x 20  Classic Crest 130 lb Solar White stock, for what I image to be an incredibly beautiful and tactile finished piece*.

The proceeds from the sale of these posters will raise money for a type scholarship in Doyald’s name.

Side story: I had the chance to hear Doyald Young speak when I was fresh out of design school (around 2001). Some friends and I went to a talk he was doing outside of Baltimore. We had a chance to speak with Doyald after his talk and ask him some questions. Being right out of school, talking to someone of his caliber was pretty awesome. He had a few books for sale at his table, two of which I was interested in buying, but I didn’t have enough cash. Trustingly, Doyald told me to take them and send a check to him later. He gave me his business card and wished us luck in the design field. I was touched that someone would trust a complete stranger to send them a fair sum of money (around $100 if I recall correctly). I will never forget that as long as I live.

*As I finished typing this, the remaining few posters were sold. I’m glad I snagged one before they were all gone.

(via Jessica Hische)

One Response to “Design is Everything is Design”

  1. KATJA / BAK at 3:40 am #

    Beautiful and so true.

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