Alonzo Felix

24 May

Alonzo Felix is a Baton Rouge, LA-based graphic designer, illustrator, and typographer with a glorious voice. As his song hints, he owns and runs his own design studio which I find intriguing, but intimidating since I like the constant connection with other creative people. It seems like Alonzo has tons of self-motivation. He’s been working on a sketchbook project with a “Boys and Girls” theme, which is a “loose exploration of thoughts about relationships through quick typographic drawings in pencil.” When he has filled up the sketchbook, his and other sketchbooks from artists around the world will go on an exhibition tour around major U.S. cities starting in February of 2012. Check out the tour dates and more about the project here.

Almost all of his work centers around wonderful hand-created type, many featuring beautiful flourishes and details. One of those examples is Alonzo’s contribution to the Lost Type Co-op; an old-school circus-inspired typeface he calls Tightrope. This typeface was his way to pay homage to the old type on posters and train cars that promoted the different circus troupes from years past.

Thanks for the inspiration, Alonzo!

(via Lost Type Co-op/twitter)

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