Mikey Burton

30 Jun

Mikey Burton is a beard-growing, bear-obsessed graphic designer, illustrator, and letterpress enthusiast based in Philadelphia, PA. His style varies quite a bit; from ultra clean illustrations and crisp type to wonderfully gritty, letterpress pieces.

Mikey has done work for The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Wired Magazine, Arnold Worldwide, House of Blues, MTV2, Comedy Central, and Yahoo just to name a few. His impressive body of work shows how versatile he is and show’s that he can do pretty much everything. An illustrated glass-top table for Facebook’s f8 conference? Sure! Awesome posters for Wilco? No problem. How about an incredibly smart and (I’d think) inexpensive brand identity for a creative and strategic brand studio? Yup.

Mikey recently started a side-project of sorts called Freelance Ain’t Free. Maybe side-project isn’t the correct word. More like mantra, a movement, or a way of life for designers (hell, anyone for that matter).

Oh, and he also likes bears…a lot. He says they are “so cute and lovable, but probably the most dangerous animals ever.” Check out his Beasts of Burton collection. It’s kickass.


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