friday blinks – 7/22/11

22 Jul

Here is a list of sites I’ve come across throughout the week that I think are worth sharing. I call it friday blinks:

If M.C. Escher was a type designer, Designed by Marc Böttler
The 2-D/3-D mix is crazy.
(via Chank Diesel/twitter)

Genoa Travel Poster process by Jude Landry
This is really cool, especially if you are a fan of
(via Mikey Burton/twitter)

Gigantic SVA tile mosaic by John Passafiume and Dana Tanamachi
This is freaking amazing. I really want to go to NYC to check this out in person.
(via Jessica Hische/twitter)

RBNo2 font, free light and light alternative weights
Nice and free.
(via Hannes Beer/twitter)

Plastic Spoon poster by Max Temkin
Smart. simple, and sold out.
(via Rachel DeLauder, writer/editor, co-worker, good friend)

In other news…

I got drafted on Dribbble by the very talented and smart Tymn Armstrong about a month ago. I finally was able to get some stuff done that I thought was decent enough and posted three shots. Check it out.


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