friday blinks – 8/18/11

19 Aug

Here is a list of sites we’ve come across throughout the past couple weeks that we think are worth sharing. We call it friday blinks.

Make Your Franklin
Some I could see in circulation, others, well…not so much.
(via Chris Streger/twitter)

Javier Garcia’s new business cards
Lovely colors, awesome blind emboss.
(via Tymn Armstrong/twitter)

The City Scout
Recommendations from designers for people who most likely don’t live in those cities. This is an awesome idea from the lovely ladies of Studio Sweet Studio.
(via Tuesday Bassen/twitter)

Dyslexie typeface
StudioStudio team from the Netherlands developing a typeface specifically for people with dyslexia.
(via Scott Rainy/twitter)

Off Book: Type
Short but very nice PBS Arts video on type.
(via Evan Stremke/twitter)

In other news…

I was able to trick a few of my friends to helping me out with the writing and wrangling of designblinks. The first one to come forward and put her time in is Melanie Flagg. She is a super-talented designer who will be graduating from Virginia Tech’s Visual Communications Design program in December. I’m very excited to have her aboard and look forward to better-smelling (and probably better-written, too) blog posts. Be on the look out for updated content on the about page or we may do a full post about it.


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