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Jez Burrows

4 May

Jez Burrows is an Edinburgh, UK-based graphic designer, illustrator, and woodland appreciator. He is also co-founder of an independent press Sing Statistics which publishes fiction and visual art , one fifth of collective Evening Tweed, and frequent contributor to It’s Nice That. Jez has a clean style with lots of detail in most of his pieces. The infographics he’s designed could make the most boring of facts into something people would actually want to look at and enjoy what they see.

Jez also designed the logo (and possibly other pieces) for the Build Conference. He also had a hand in designing/making special over-sized wooden nuts which were given to each of the speakers at the conference. Real nice!

As I was reading his blog, I came across a tumblr site Jez and his buddy Jake Blanchard created that I thought was quite funny/useful. Photobooth Reference: Illustrators using themselves for reference. I would be neat to see the pieces the illustrators created based on their reference photos…Just a thought.

Great work, Jez!

(via Dan Cassaro of Young Jerks)

Jillian Tamaki

22 Apr

 Jillian Tamaki is a Brooklyn, NY-based illustrator and comics artist, who also teaches at the School of Visual Arts. Her style is a wonderful mixture of traditional and modern touches that is a pleasure to look at.

Jillian posted a fantastic project for Penguin Books about a month ago on her blog. These three hand-embroidered book covers took her two months to complete and are extremely detailed and truly beautiful. The final printed covers will be sculptural-embossed, a production value that will emphasize the stitches, and have full wraparound images with french flaps. They will be available for sale in October, 2011.

See more of Jillian’s wonderful work on her sketchblog or read her webcomic, SuperMutant Magic Academy.

Extraordinary stuff, Jillian!

(via Ariel Clark)

Drea Zlanabitnig

6 Apr

Drea Zlanabitnig is a New York City-based graphic designer who has great style, design sense, and a portfolio chock-full of wonderful work. She was born in Vienna, grew up in South Florida, and graduated from the School of Visual Arts (SVA). Drea is currently working at Pentagram‘s New York office, creative directed by the legendary Paula Scher. Her work showcases clean and simple design work, along with a cleverness and detail¬† you don’t see every day. Very nice.

(via Ben Barry)

The Swedish Royal Institute of Art Degree Show Catalogue

17 Mar

Challenge: How do you make 1,550 one-of-a-kind printed pieces without going broke?

Solution: The Swedish Royal Institute of Art has produced a really unique Degree Show Catalogue, if you can call it just one piece. The interior pages are printed 4-color; nicely-designed I might add. The impressive part, to me at least, are the covers. They were screen printing with a mix of gold (to represent royalty) and blue (same PMS as the blue in the Swedish flag) inks. It looks like they printed at least three at a time, and discovered that they could add ink in the middle of printing, which made the covers even more unique and painter-esque.

(via Under Construction)