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Hannes Beer

19 Apr

Hannes Beer not only has an awesome name and is from the place where incredible machines are made (Stuttgart, Germany), he is an incredible design machine churning out some really nice illustration and design work. Judging from his website, he does a lot of work for bands (metal/harecore/screamo bands?). Another thing that I found very interesting about Hannes is that he has a daily design project, which is quite different in style than what he does for his metal band clientele. And not in a bad way at all. An added bonus to his daily designs? Skull Mondays!

Blue Green Series by Chris Keegan

24 Feb

Chris Keegan's Blue Green Series

Really nice screen printing/hand-drawn illustration with pen and ink by illustrator Chris Keegan. He’s going to customize one print daily and sell the one-off prints/illustrations from his Etsy shop.

(via OMG Posters!)