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friday blinks – 9/30/11

30 Sep

Here is a list of sites we’ve come across throughout the past couple weeks that we think are worth sharing. We call it friday blinks.

Bordo Bello Decks
Really cool, bright, laser-cut grip tape on skateboards.
(via Alonzo Felix/twitter)

Wacom Inkling
Sketch anywhere, auto convert sketches into vector objects/paths. So cool, and a nice price, too ($200, available in mid-September).
(via Katie Gehrt/twitter)

2011 Studio On Fire Letterpress Calendar
There are only 4 more months left this year. Confused, but very impressive design and printing.
(via The Dieline)

Time Out with Riley Cran
Quick little interview with Riley Cran. Short and sweet.
(via Dribbble)

The Dead Wrestler Society
These are so well done and so awesome.
(via Jay Schaul/twitter)