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friday blinks – 2/3/12

3 Feb

Here is a list of sites we’ve come across throughout the past couple weeks that we think are worth sharing. We call it friday blinks.

Icons, icons, and icons
An impressive amount of super high quality icons done by Tim Boelaars.
(via Taylor Pemberton/twitter)

The Office of Nature Blog
Run by designer and illustrator Katherine Patton, this blog is a very nice “collection of neat things.”
(via Mikey Burton/twitter)

New Desks for a new Studio
522 Industries build two beautiful desks for Title Case, the new San Francisco-based studio of Jessica Hische and Erik Marinovich (1/2 of Friends of Type).
(via Jessica Hische/twitter)

The Eye Writer
Artist Tony Quan was diagnosed with ALS, and lost the ability to use almost all of his body, except his eyes and brain. With the help of some crafty friends, he is able to draw and create art again. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get chills from this video.
(via Greg Christman/twitter)

Ira Glass on Storytelling
Nice, short video explaining how creative people go through stages of work.
(via Dave Yakley/twitter)

Free Font Friday
Archive by Slava Kirilenko (via Hannes Beer/twitter)

In other news…
If you didn’t see yesterday, I made a post about my trip to two of Roanoke’s print shops, Press Press Merch and Appalachia Press. Ad2 Roanoke was behind this great lunchtime tour. Check it out if you haven’t already.

Design is Everything is Design

14 Apr

In November of 2010, Josh Higgins started a project with his mentor and teacher Doyald Young, which was to be a gift from the both of them to a mutual friend. Sadly, Doyald passed away before this project was completed. Josh contacted Jessica Hische to see if she would create a beautiful design using the phrase “Design is Everything is Design.” Luckily, she did, then had it letterpressed on 15 x 20  Classic Crest 130 lb Solar White stock, for what I image to be an incredibly beautiful and tactile finished piece*.

The proceeds from the sale of these posters will raise money for a type scholarship in Doyald’s name.

Side story: I had the chance to hear Doyald Young speak when I was fresh out of design school (around 2001). Some friends and I went to a talk he was doing outside of Baltimore. We had a chance to speak with Doyald after his talk and ask him some questions. Being right out of school, talking to someone of his caliber was pretty awesome. He had a few books for sale at his table, two of which I was interested in buying, but I didn’t have enough cash. Trustingly, Doyald told me to take them and send a check to him later. He gave me his business card and wished us luck in the design field. I was touched that someone would trust a complete stranger to send them a fair sum of money (around $100 if I recall correctly). I will never forget that as long as I live.

*As I finished typing this, the remaining few posters were sold. I’m glad I snagged one before they were all gone.

(via Jessica Hische)