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Hannes Beer

19 Apr

Hannes Beer not only has an awesome name and is from the place where incredible machines are made (Stuttgart, Germany), he is an incredible design machine churning out some really nice illustration and design work. Judging from his website, he does a lot of work for bands (metal/harecore/screamo bands?). Another thing that I found very interesting about Hannes is that he has a daily design project, which is quite different in style than what he does for his metal band clientele. And not in a bad way at all. An added bonus to his daily designs? Skull Mondays!


18 Apr

If you haven’t seen/heard of Designers.mx before, consider this your introduction. Designers.mx was started and run by graphic designer Blake Allen and web designer/developer Josh Sullivan, both based in Nashville, TN.

Here’s how they explain what this is all about:

Mixes created and designed, by designers. Designers.MX is about discovering new music. Music that drives our favorite designers, and allowing them to create a unique cover design for each of their individual playlists. A daily music and design masterpiece.

So each chosen designer picks ten songs, and designs album art for that mix. I have been listening and admiring these mixes and pieces of design since I found out about the site. A fantastic idea that keeps growing. Plus, if indie rock isn’t your thing, there are other types of music represented…but there is plenty of indie rock, from what I’ve listen to so far. I’m excited to watch this site and community grow. Music and design are two peas in a pod, which has been laid out over a 3/6 grid, using a sans serif typeface and utilizing white space.

Richard Perez

31 Mar

Richard Perez is a designer and illustrator based in San Francisco, CA. If I recall correctly, I stumbled on his flickr site while looking for some inspiration one day. After spending over an hour looking through his work, I realized that I was extremely inspired and that I suck at design and illustration (joke…I’m awesome. another joke…JOKE SANDWICH!). Homeboy has over 500 pieces of original design and illustration in his photostream. Then, there is his dribbble page with even more work samples. All of Richard’s pieces are strong, seem to have some sort of back story,  and, in turn, have tons of depth (and maybe a personal memory attached to them, too).

Most of his work has a certain vintage feel to it, which I really enjoy. The textures and color choices are wonderful and help with achieving that look and style. Richard also seems to have a fondness for geometric shapes. It’s amazing how awesome something can look even though it’s made from circles and squares.

Although his Skinny Ships site is “at the laundromat right now getting all cleaned up,” he updates his previously mentioned flicker and dribbble pages pretty regularly. Richard also started a tumblr page to showcase his and other creative peoples’ illustrations of their cats. He calls it meowoodle. Very clever.

Oh, Richard…my cat Sam (a.k.a. Samboni) says hi to Buffins & Tibbles. *kittah wave

Kendrick Kidd

23 Mar

Kendrick Kidd, also known as Grease E. Monkey, is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Jacksonville, Florida. He has created a bunch of great work, including illustration-heavy packaging for Bold City Brewery and the business cards for his own (with his partner Tron B. Burgundy) side project, Halftone Def Studios. Their flickr set got me really missing screen printing and drinking Yuengling in my garage. *sigh