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Heath Killen

6 May


Heath Killen is an¬†Australia-based graphic designer and illustrator who has a rather unique style. It’s a mix of hand-illustrated pieces, photo montage, and sometimes a combination of computer-generated and/or handwritten type, which has a very nice balance. The photo placement and cropping are interesting in themselves, then he adds in the type, color, and texture which makes each piece even more intriguing.

Heath has designed a ton of self-initiated spec. work for film, music, and the arts. I think these production companies should take note and hire this guy to do their actual promo art for their movie/music/theater productions.

Wonderful work, Heath! Thanks for the inspiration.

(via Skinny Ships)

Ryan Feerer

3 May

Ryan Feerer is a graphic designer, illustrator, and instructor based in Abilene, TX. He got his education in Texas and NYC, and at the School of Visual Arts, learned from some of the best in the business (Steven Heller, Milton Glaser, and Stefan Sagmeister, to name a few). He earned his masters in design, then worked at Funny Garbage in NYC for a few years as a web designer. There, he worked with kid-friendly clients such as Teen Nick, Nicktoons, PBS kids, HIT Entertainment, and the always-adorable Lil Jon. He then picked up with his wife and moved back to Texas, where he recently help form Abidesco (Abilene Design Co.). He also teaches at Abilene Christian University where he got his undergrad and where his passion for design started. Full circle.

Ryan’s style is very hands-on. Lots of hand-drawn type, flourishes, and truck-loads of character. I really enjoyed the series of portraits that he did, that were sold on an artsy, online store called Elsewares. I wonder if Ryan would be willing to draw me and my family (hint, hint). I also loved the identity he did for Betty & June, a boutique in Abilene, Texas, where he chose to hand-stampe all of the bags, tags, and business cards. Nice touch.

I get the feeling that he really enjoys what he does. It certainly shows through the work he has done. Great stuff, Ryan! Thanks for the inspiration.

(via Jeff Rogers)

Chris Streger

2 May

Chris Streger is a New York City-based graphic designer, illustrator, and art director who’s super clean style has allowed him to design for Kraft, Nike Golf, Burger King, and Domino’s Pizza. He spends his weekdays working at the legendary Saatchi & Saatchi, NY, designing, concepting, and generally holding-it-down for Toyota. Chris previously worked for heavy-hitters, Crispin Porter + Bogusky. I guess you could say that Chris is pretty damn good.

He also started something called “To Resolve Project.” It was an idea that sprouted from a conversation with his girlfriend, then turned into an open invitation to designers and illustrators everywhere to create an iPhone wallpaper based on their new year’s resolution. He figured since most of us look at our phones (iPhones or not) everyday, why not have it remind you of your (or someone else’s) resolution? Nice idea. Check them out on Chris’ blog.

Another cool thing that Chris has done (and where I stumbled across him and his work) was he illustrated designer and illustrator Jon Ashcroft‘s tweet one day. Here’s the link to dribbble. Awesome stuff.

(via Jon Ashcroft)

Hannes Beer

19 Apr

Hannes Beer not only has an awesome name and is from the place where incredible machines are made (Stuttgart, Germany), he is an incredible design machine churning out some really nice illustration and design work. Judging from his website, he does a lot of work for bands (metal/harecore/screamo bands?). Another thing that I found very interesting about Hannes is that he has a daily design project, which is quite different in style than what he does for his metal band clientele. And not in a bad way at all. An added bonus to his daily designs? Skull Mondays!

Vicki Young

12 Apr

Vicki Young, a multidisciplinary designer living and working in London, gives her top ten tips for starting your own business. I’d say this is good advice for anyone in the design field. I especially like #9 and #10. There is “no place for negativity” and “anything is possible.”

Vicki also has some nice work, proven by her 2010 Baby Pencil, a D&AD student award. Check it out.

(via D&AD)

Simon Walker

11 Apr

Simon Walker is an Austin, TX-based graphic designer, illustrator, typographer, and general practitioner of badassery (it’s a word, trust me). He’s been working with GSD&M since 2002, but does tons of fantastic freelance work as well. Simon recently wrote an article for Method & Craft where he shares his techniques of making sweet hand-designed type and how he makes new type look old and worn. In the article, he says he’ll share his go-to textures with you if you shoot him an email. Sure enough, he came through on his promise after I sent him a message. Not that I doubted his word, but that was a really nice thing to do. It makes me smile and proud to be a part of this great design community.

As you can see (from the above samples), Simon’s designs look great in shades of gray and brown. He also can choose some really sweet color combos, too, as you can see on his dribbble and flickr pages.

High five to a super nice, super furry guy. Keep it up, Simon!

Rob Clarke

5 Apr

Rob Clarke is a London-based typographer who has quite an impressive list of clients. BBC, Saatchi & Saatchi, and a bunch of other UK-based agencies and companies. His simple additions, revisions, and tweeks make it seem like the type was supposed to be that way in the first place. He also advertises his logotype creation, typographic development and refinement, and custom design fonts. Very sharp.

More of Rob’s work on Dribbble. Love the process sketches included on some of those.

Tim Boelaars

29 Mar

Tim Boelaars is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. His work includes extremely clean and clever marks and great illustrations. He may or may not wear clogs while designing, but it’s cool either way if he keeps cranking out solid design work. See more of his work on Dribbble.

(via Young Jerks)

Richard Arthur Stewart

28 Mar

Richard Arthur Stewart is a Boston, MA-based art director, graphic designer, and illustrator. He seems to have a thing for making new things look old, which I’m a big fan of. The vintage or slightly used feel on most of his pieces gives them tons of character. The attention to detail on all of them is amazing.

Richard’s self promo is super smart; non-traditional is a serious understatement. All items were made to look like evidence taken from a crime scene. He made a foam brick with an attached tag that was customized (ransom-note style) to the recipient, cover letter, resume, and business card came in the form of a fake (but quite realistic-looking) police report. “All the collateral was also personalized to the recipient, using their name, profession, location etc. as if a report had been filed with all their information.” Richard also included his portfolio via a USB flash drive which was taped to the back of the tag (which was attached with twine to the foam brick). He attributes this very unique piece to getting his foot in the door after graduating. It looks like it paid off. It looks like he’s been working in the design field (at least doing freelance) for about four years now. Someone hire this guy!

More of Richard’s work on flickr or dribbble.

(via Erica Gleiner)

Kendrick Kidd

23 Mar

Kendrick Kidd, also known as Grease E. Monkey, is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Jacksonville, Florida. He has created a bunch of great work, including illustration-heavy packaging for Bold City Brewery and the business cards for his own (with his partner Tron B. Burgundy) side project, Halftone Def Studios. Their flickr set got me really missing screen printing and drinking Yuengling in my garage. *sigh