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friday blinks – 3/9/12

9 Mar

Here is a list of sites we’ve come across throughout the past couple weeks that we think are worth sharing. We call it friday blinks.

James Victore’s YouTube Channel
This dude is full of energy and I love it. It’s so refreshing to see someone who’s been in the game this long and still full of piss and vigor. Inspiring and impressive.
(via James Victore/twitter)

Glasgow Press’ Impressive promo
Glasgow Press just sent out a letterpress promo pack featuring 5 postcards with lyrics from songs by some of graphic designer Kerr Vernon’s favorite Glasgow-based bands. Awesome.
(via Creative Review/blog)

Interview with Adam R. Garcia
A beautifully-shot interview and with the very talented creative director, designer, and illustrator Adam R. Garcia, created by Portland-based designer Ryan J. Bush. “Move around. Be an idiot. Be a part of the community. Make things that are compelling and meaningful. Think about what you make.” Nice ending, too. It was nice to see Adam break out from those very deep thoughts.
(via Greg Fisk/twitter) (via Adam Garcia/twitter)

Camera + Drill = interesting view of our world
French designer Oscar Lhermitte straps a digital camera, filming at 15 frames per second, onto a drill that spins 20 revolutions per second. I could totally see this treatment as a title sequence for a movie.
(via Under Consideration/twitter)

Advice from John C Jay
Great list of 10 tips from Wieden+Kennedy’s John C Jay. I especially like #7.
(via Greg Fisk/twitter)

Free Font Friday
Practice Foundry, a Canadian-based, “independent type foundry and a collective space for showcasing the work of amateur type designers in Canada.” They want to beef up the Canadian typographic presence with a pay-as-you’d-like model. Pretty sweet idea, eh?
(via Dylan Moore)

Heath Killen

6 May


Heath Killen is an Australia-based graphic designer and illustrator who has a rather unique style. It’s a mix of hand-illustrated pieces, photo montage, and sometimes a combination of computer-generated and/or handwritten type, which has a very nice balance. The photo placement and cropping are interesting in themselves, then he adds in the type, color, and texture which makes each piece even more intriguing.

Heath has designed a ton of self-initiated spec. work for film, music, and the arts. I think these production companies should take note and hire this guy to do their actual promo art for their movie/music/theater productions.

Wonderful work, Heath! Thanks for the inspiration.

(via Skinny Ships)

Richard Arthur Stewart

28 Mar

Richard Arthur Stewart is a Boston, MA-based art director, graphic designer, and illustrator. He seems to have a thing for making new things look old, which I’m a big fan of. The vintage or slightly used feel on most of his pieces gives them tons of character. The attention to detail on all of them is amazing.

Richard’s self promo is super smart; non-traditional is a serious understatement. All items were made to look like evidence taken from a crime scene. He made a foam brick with an attached tag that was customized (ransom-note style) to the recipient, cover letter, resume, and business card came in the form of a fake (but quite realistic-looking) police report. “All the collateral was also personalized to the recipient, using their name, profession, location etc. as if a report had been filed with all their information.” Richard also included his portfolio via a USB flash drive which was taped to the back of the tag (which was attached with twine to the foam brick). He attributes this very unique piece to getting his foot in the door after graduating. It looks like it paid off. It looks like he’s been working in the design field (at least doing freelance) for about four years now. Someone hire this guy!

More of Richard’s work on flickr or dribbble.

(via Erica Gleiner)