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Richard Arthur Stewart

28 Mar

Richard Arthur Stewart is a Boston, MA-based art director, graphic designer, and illustrator. He seems to have a thing for making new things look old, which I’m a big fan of. The vintage or slightly used feel on most of his pieces gives them tons of character. The attention to detail on all of them is amazing.

Richard’s self promo is super smart; non-traditional is a serious understatement. All items were made to look like evidence taken from a crime scene. He made a foam brick with an attached tag that was customized (ransom-note style) to the recipient, cover letter, resume, and business card came in the form of a fake (but quite realistic-looking) police report. “All the collateral was also personalized to the recipient, using their name, profession, location etc. as if a report had been filed with all their information.” Richard also included his portfolio via a USB flash drive which was taped to the back of the tag (which was attached with twine to the foam brick). He attributes this very unique piece to getting his foot in the door after graduating. It looks like it paid off. It looks like he’s been working in the design field (at least doing freelance) for about four years now. Someone hire this guy!

More of Richard’s work on flickr or dribbble.

(via Erica Gleiner)