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friday blinks – 9/2/11

2 Sep

Here is a list of sites we’ve come across throughout the past couple weeks that we think are worth sharing. We call it friday blinks.

One Minute With Evan Stremke
A quick, but solid interview with a great designer, Evan Stremke.
(via Evan Stremke/twitter)

Banana Wall by Sagmeister
Never saw this before. Another great concept from Sagmeister.
(via Type Everything/twitter)

Crown Maple Process
Really sweet (pun intended) branding and packaging by Studio MPLS.
(via Tymn Armstrong/twitter)

Minnesota Lake logos
Amazing concept for a 27-year long, on-going project by Nicole Meyer.
(via The Creative Finder/twitter)

WasteLandscape by Elise Morin and Clémence Eliard
Crazy street sculpture made from cds and giant balloons.
(via Melanie Flagg)

Ryan Feerer

3 May

Ryan Feerer is a graphic designer, illustrator, and instructor based in Abilene, TX. He got his education in Texas and NYC, and at the School of Visual Arts, learned from some of the best in the business (Steven Heller, Milton Glaser, and Stefan Sagmeister, to name a few). He earned his masters in design, then worked at Funny Garbage in NYC for a few years as a web designer. There, he worked with kid-friendly clients such as Teen Nick, Nicktoons, PBS kids, HIT Entertainment, and the always-adorable Lil Jon. He then picked up with his wife and moved back to Texas, where he recently help form Abidesco (Abilene Design Co.). He also teaches at Abilene Christian University where he got his undergrad and where his passion for design started. Full circle.

Ryan’s style is very hands-on. Lots of hand-drawn type, flourishes, and truck-loads of character. I really enjoyed the series of portraits that he did, that were sold on an artsy, online store called Elsewares. I wonder if Ryan would be willing to draw me and my family (hint, hint). I also loved the identity he did for Betty & June, a boutique in Abilene, Texas, where he chose to hand-stampe all of the bags, tags, and business cards. Nice touch.

I get the feeling that he really enjoys what he does. It certainly shows through the work he has done. Great stuff, Ryan! Thanks for the inspiration.

(via Jeff Rogers)