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friday blinks – 6/10/11

10 Jun

Here is a list of sites I’ve come across throughout the week that I think are worth sharing. I call it friday blinks:

Cheers!: Here’s to you, Dad, Cartoon dads as beers prints by Moxy Creative House
(via The Creative Finder/twitter)

Designers Ross Brugink and Jessica Keintz’s wedding website
(via Lost Type Co-op/twitter)

Bacon Ipsum Generator
Under Consideration/twitter)

Always With Honor’s new site
(via Richard Perez/twitter)

Mid-Century Modern Typefaces Identified blog by Mark Weaver
Mark Weaver/twitter)

Amy Kirby

17 May

Amy Kirby is an NYC-based graphic designer who currently works for Roberts + Langer DDB in NYC. She previously worked at Crispin Porter + Bogusky where she did a mix of huge outdoor signage for Umbro, to t-shirt designs for the CP+B Fishing Tournament. She also runs her own wedding/stationary side business called Milk & Ice Cream. Through Milk & Ice Cream, she did her take on the Royal Wedding invitations, which were full of nice touches that would have made any “normal” bride extremely happy. But, noooooo, the actual invitations were stuffy, boring, and cream-colored. BLAH! Vibrant colors, nice patterns, and a sprinkle of royal imagery is what makes these faux invitations fantastic.

Great stuff, Amy!