friday blinks – 7/8/11

8 Jul

Here is a list of sites I’ve come across throughout the week that I think are worth sharing. I call it friday blinks:

Fuzzco business cards
Very smart idea to keep cost down and still have a killer set of business cards.
(via Brandon Oxendine/twitter)

I can haz art school: by Jessica Hische
Brave move from the very talented Jessica Hische. I guess you can do something like this if you as talented as she is.
(via Jessica Hische/twitter)

Create the Map: Interview with Dan Cassaro
Fantastic interview with the young and very talented Dan Cassaro (50 and 50/Springstreets).
(via Jeff Finley/twitter)

Dear Photograph project
Touching project. Reminded me of Post Secret.
(via Adam Senatori/twitter)

Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 2011 video wrap-up
Beautiful hand illustrations for the titles. Everything in this video make me want to make the 6.5 hour drive to Cleveland.
(via Jeff Finley/twitter)

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